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5 Ways to Improve your Customer Experience

How to improve customer experience

Every effort to grow a business counts, even down to the littlest things. You can provide outstanding solutions to people’s problems, and still get unpleasant feedback due to the impressions prospects/customers have about your business/product throughout their journey as customers –right from discovery to delivery.

What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is best described as the impressions customers have on your products/business throughout their buyer’s journey. i.e their paths to purchase. The buyer’s journey is categorized into 3 stages which are, the awareness stage, the consideration stage, and, the decision stage.

What are the Main Components of Customer Experience?

Discovery: This is the stage when a person has first knowledge about your products and brand–It is more of the awareness stage through different channels such as search engines, social media, events, referral or affiliate programs, and every other amplifying channel. Discovery happens when a person is curious to get answers or wants solutions to their problems.

Therefore, your message should be tailored to the above-mentioned reasons for discovery across all growth channels.

Engagement: This component is about when customers have moved from the discovery and have an interest in interacting with your products. At this stage, customers are looking for the best way to understand the product/brand and how it can benefit them. Customers can be engaged through newsletters, product demos, social media content, etc 

Consideration: When customers get to this stage, it means they are convinced by your brand positioning and messaging. They are prompted to become active in their buyer’s journey–while adopting your product or brand as a solution.

According to Smartkarrot,Consumers who are satisfied spread the word and bring in new unsatisfied customers can cause damage to the brand’s image. With customer experience in mind, here are some general customer experience statistics”

  •  89% of businesses compete primarily on the basis of customer experience.
  • 73% of consumers say that is a deciding factor when making purchase decisions.
  • 42% of customers would not mind paying more when offered a warm and friendly customer experience.
  • Companies with a greater focus on customer satisfaction have 1.5x higher employee satisfaction, 1.6x higher brand awareness, and 1.9x higher order value.
  • When served with a positive customer experience, 72% of consumers tend to share it with at least six.
  • An organization can increase its revenue by 10-15% by improving its customer experience.
  • 74% of customers are likely to buy a product based just on a favorable customer experience

Practical ways to Improve your Customer experience

Customer experience [CX] is vital to scaling business growth. Here are the ways to improve the customer experience in your business;

  1. Understand your customers to the core

Creating a customer experience strategy requires you to know your customers in-depth– how they liked to be approached, their values, and their lifestyle. To understand this better, you can create user persona profiles for your target audience.

  • Create a customer journey mapping

A customer journey map is the pictorial representation of the flow of your customer’s journey and all the processes to be embedded at every step of the journey–these are content (High-Value Content Offers) targeted for awareness, acquisition, activation, retention, referrals, and revenue.

  • Collect customer feedback in real-time

Your customer support system should not be limited to the human effect, you can make use of live chat, push notifications, and in-app messages, to receive feedback and inquiries and to also disseminate information to your customers promptly.

  • Provide excellent customer service

It is normal to have unsatisfied customers, customers with numerous questions, customers that need to be carefully nurtured, and the ones that won’t stop at anything to call you out at the slightest inconvenience. Your priority as a business owner is to make every customer be seen and heard. These are the customers that will advocate for your business to friends and families without asking.

  • Have a growth-over-goals mindset

The goal of growing businesses is to make profits. If you are new to the commercial world, brace up! – growth is more than setting goals.

A growth mindset makes you believe that you can learn and improve on your existing knowledge, it gives you the awareness of know how well you have improved from time to time, even if it’s a few steps from where you were. A goal mindset will only make you keep chasing it without checking your metrics. If your mindset is fixed on just getting profits, other things might suffer; including the customer experience.

Meanwhile, if you are a service-based business like Glade, it is important that you build a customer-centric approach that connects with your unique selling proposition,(USP) this will help you differentiates your value from others; and gives you a better start when it comes to advertising and social media marketing and optimization, 

As for us, our goals are to give our customers the best experience when it comes to our services and exposure.