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Get a business loan without collateral in Nigeria


How do I get a business loan without collateral in Nigeria? no matter what stage you’re at in business you’re going to require funding to operate.

Sometimes, you are able to access grants which give you the financial boost you need without the pressure that comes with paying back solicited funds. But grants are few and far between, and often entail long processes that could span months.

A lifeline to consider is a quick business loan but often they involve the request for collateral that small businesses might be unable to provide – begging the question ‘’how do I get a business loan without collateral?’’


Why do financial institutions ask for collateral?

Banks and other financial institutions request collateral because it serves as security in the event of a default. These collaterals could be houses, lands, cars or equipment.

But if you lack assets that can suffice as security, how do you cross this hurdle?


Glade gives you business loans without collateral

Whether you require funds to expand, deal with an unexpected business crisis or purchase goods, we offer you access to loans without the long processes and tedious paperwork.

  • Approval within 24 hours
  • No processing fee


What businesses are eligible to get business loans without collateral on Glade?

E-commerce Merchants – If you have an online store and urgently require funds to purchase goods, there’s no need to miss out on sales

Importers & Distributors – Importers or distributors of FMCG products, computer appliances, household goods, fashion items, etc.

Manufacturers – Small, medium, and large-scale manufacturers of various kinds of products.

SMEs and Retailers – businesses that provide professional services to end users. Such as make-up artists, salon owners, fashion designers, caterers etc.

AgricultureAgric loans without collateral for new businesses and already existing businesses. 


Whatever your business or profession, what it takes to be eligible to get business loans on Glade without collateral is to be a registered business account and have transacted for three months on Glade.


How do I apply?

Log in to your Glade account, on the dashboard, navigate to your business account, click on ‘’loan’’.  Fill in the necessary details and we’ll get back to you. Once approved, you’ll get funded within 24 hours.

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