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We Have Evolved: Glade Is Now Gladefinance!

Glade is now Gladefinance

As part of our mission to create financial services that make life easier for global growth for Merchants and SMEs, we have evolved!

This reiterates our commitment to our vision of helping businesses to unlock borderless growth and manage their finances more efficiently.

Following months of planning and strategy, this plane is finally ready to take off!

What has changed?


Our name

We are now Gladefinance. This name encapsulates in totality what we do, which is to provide accounts for global transactions, payments, cash flow, and expense management tools – that help businesses and entrepreneurs to save time, increase profits and grow faster.

Our Logo

Just like our brand name, our logo has evolved. It now consists of ‘’Gladefinance’’, sometimes expressed simply as a capital ‘’G’’ with an arrow across it. The arrow represents our desire to continually grow, move forward, and attain new heights. Furthermore, we are equally committed to helping our merchants achieve the same.

Our website

We changed the look and feel of our website! Not only to reflect who we are now but also to improve user experience – making it easier for you to navigate through.


Our colours

We have retained our primary colours of Blue, White, Black, and Orange. However, we have swapped the deep Blue shade you are familiar with, for a lighter one.

Glade is now Gladefinance

Multi-currency account

With this feature, you get unique multi-currency accounts to receive and hold money in different currencies. You will seamlessly receive payments from your customers in different currencies around the world.

Cross-border payments

You can make international payments in different currencies to your vendors, partners, and suppliers across the globe. With the Gladefinance multicurrency and cross-border account feature, you can buy and sell to anyone, anywhere in the world.

No more playing small; we have made it easy for you to go big and take your business global!


What has stayed the same?

Our commitment to serving you and your business.

We will continue to help small businesses become big by doing more for you than a bank or accounting platform could do alone.

As you know, evolving is a continuous process, so a couple of other changes will be communicated in the following weeks, in line with our commitment to helping you scale your business.

Click here to open a Gladefinance account now and get access to our unique features for growing your business.